Tagged: The attack on the HSV-2 Swift–1 October 2016

The attack on the HSV-2 Swift–1 October 2016

Option 1 – Analysis Project

In this option you will analyze the damage to the HSV-2 Swift to assess which weapon was used to attack the vessel.


Option 1 – The attack on the HSV-2 Swift–1 October 2016

As of July 2015 the vessel was leased by the UAE’s National Marine Dredging Company.

Houthi fighters claimed to have sunk the Swift off the Yemeni coast (in the Bab-el-Mandeb strait) around 1 October 2016. The UAE military reported Swift had been involved in an “incident” and said there were no casualties. UAE officials reported that the ship was carrying aid when it was attacked. Saudi Arabia reported that their forces rescued passengers from a damaged UAE ship at dawn on 1 October 2016. There is some confusion as to whether she was en route to Aden (apparently a regular destination) or Mokha at the time she was attacked.

Unnamed US Defense officials reported that four “shoulder-fired rockets” were used in the attack, but Houthis said it was a C-802/Noor anti-ship missile. US Defense officials said that Swift was in tow to Eritrea as of 3 October 2016. Later photographs proved that she was still afloat, albeit heavily damaged as of 5 October 2016.

You assignment is to analyze the following intelligence and determine with as much accuracy as possible what type of weapon was used to attack the vessel.

You should utilize a Powerpoint presentation to easily manipulate the information as you must utilize the photos and video provided in your analysis.