Category: Law

Constitutional Journal

For this journal entry please review current events in the news or in your area where you live (Arizona). Are there any recent events in which a criminal case may eventually evolve into a civil law suit? What was the criminal act that occurred and who has the right to sue the defendant in a civil court room? What was the injury that took place? Is the injury involving both criminal charges and civil claims? Who is the plaintiff in the criminal case and who is the plaintiff in the civil case? Please focus on a criminal defendant whose acts may result in a civil wrong.

Common Law

Common law has evolved in a written sense through the passing down of cases and rulings by courts on specific issues. That creates a fair amount of uncertainty as the person with the next case does not necessarily know how the matter will be fully resolved. Do you believe that common law is effective in resolving disputes among private citizens? Why or why not?

Federal Preemption versus State Action

should states have power to legislate? What is federal preemption?what does “state action” mean?