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Week 4 Discussion 2 – Franklin D. Roosevelt Junior High School

Week 4 Discussion 2 

The Vignette at the beginning of Chapter 7 gives some insights into Robert’s focus on collaborative leadership in a learning community at Franklin D. Roosevelt Junior High School. After reading this vignette, respond to the following questions:

  • What are some indicators that lead one to believe that this principal welcomes the ideas of his staff and values what they bring to the table?
  • Imagine if your first position as a principal were in a school where the former principal had not encouraged shared leadership, and you wanted to see that transformed. How would you set about changing the school climate to get others on board? What kinds of obstacles might you need to overcome?

Project #1

Background: Magness Delivery Service completed the below transactions during December 2016. You will also need to review the following adjustment data: a. Accrued Salaries Expense, $1,000. b. Depreciation was recorded on the truck using the straight-line method. Assume a useful life of five years and a salvage value of $5,000. c. Prepaid Insurance for the month has expired. d. Office Supplies on hand, $100. e. Unearned Revenue earned during the month, $300. f. Accrued Service Revenue, $650. Transactions: 12/01/2016 Magness Delivery Service began operations by receiving $10,000 cash and a truck with a fair value of $20,000 from Robert Magness. The business issued Magness capital in exchange for this contribution. 12/01/2016 Paid $1,000 cash for a four-month insurance policy. The policy begins December 1. 12/04/2016 Paid $500 cash for office supplies. 12/12/2016 Performed delivery services for a customer and received $2,000 cash. 12/15/2016 Completed a large delivery job, billed the customer, $2,500, and received a promise to collect the $2,500 within one week. 12/18/2016 Paid employee salary, $1,000. 12/20/2016 Received $15,000 cash for performing delivery services. 12/22/2016 Collected $800 in advance for delivery service to be performed later. 12/25/2016 Collected $2,500 cash from customer on account. 12/27/2016 Purchased fuel for the truck, paying $300 on account. 12/28/2016 Performed delivery services on account, $700. 12/29/2016 Paid office rent, $1,600, for the month of December. 12/30/2016 Paid $300 on account. 12/31/2016 Magness withdrew cash of $3,000. Here is the format for this project


Essay Question 1:Look for opportunities for technological convergence or technological fusion?

Essay Question 2: How can the managers use the process of technology section for their advantages?



250 words each Question

2 peer reviewed Articles

Deadline in 10 hours

Discussion 4 Leadership and Organizational

Discussion 4 Leadership and Organizational
Part 1: Post a Response

Motivation is the psychological process that arouses and directs behavior. There are three theories that will help us understand the motivation of employees in the workplace.

1. Goal-setting theory – Suggests behavior can be motivated with specific, challenging goals that are obtainable. The key to goal-setting theory is ensuring employees understand what is expected and accept the goals.

2. Self-efficacy – Is the belief “I Can/Can’t Do this Task.” Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s personal ability to do a task. There is a lot to be said to scoring high in this trait. People who are confident about their ability tend to succeed, whereas those who doubt their ability tend to fail.

3. Reinforcement theory – Explains how behavior can be altered by administering positive or negative consequences to actions of employees. Behavior with positive consequences tends to be repeated, and behavior with negative consequences tends not to be repeated.

For this week’s discussion, I want you to take a moment to think about what it would take to motivate you to achieve your goals at work, and what it would take to motivate people that you’ve worked with, or your family or friends, to achieve their goals.

· Of the four areas of study listed above, which would you focus on first?

· Make sure to explain why you chose this area, and why it would take precedence over the other areas.

Response: (350-400 words)


  1. Complete Experiential Exercise 4C, Step 1, on textbook page 124. Once you have found Table 4-4, complete the first 18 ratios and then 2 of your choice from the remaining growth ratios (this will equal the 20 required in the Assurance of Learning Exercise). It is required that you show your work. Use the financial documents on pages 29–31.
  2. Complete Case 10: Tiffany & Co., Inc. on text page 446 in the case section, by answering the 3 questions on text page 454 (last page of the case, under the section heading “The Future”).
    1. How rapidly and where should Tiffany add stores? Make sure to identify/analyze Tiffany’s current business strategy, what issues they are facing, and then make recommendations based on quality research that is actionable by the company leadership.
    2. Is Tiffany an enduring luxury brand of unprecedented quality, or has the lower-priced Tiffany trinkets and online diamond retailers tarnished the Tiffany brand? Make sure to clearly identify Tiffany’s business problem, suggest a solution/strategy for Tiffany to move forward supported by research.
    3. Can the Tiffany brand continue to fulfill the promise of the Blue Box, or is the Tiffany Blue Box just an overpriced, blue box? Analyze and interpret Tiffany’s current “Blue Box” situation and suggest solutions for Tiffany to employ to either sustain or regain the market share that is has lost due to competitors. Provide clear and coherent business strategies that are well supported, logically reliable and sustainable.
  3. Place the results of the experiential exercise and case in a single document and submit it via the link provided. Include your name, class, section number, and the number of the exercise(s) on the attachment (e.g.: 1B, Step 3). Be sure that the assignment is in a business-professional format; include current APA citing and referencing.

Ethics In Communication


Woman typing on a computer keyboardIn this activity you will be gathering research about ethical theories to support your final research paper topic. You will summarize and evaluate your research by compiling a bibliography of sources you plan to use for your paper.


For this assignment, you will gather research from at least ten credible sources that will support your final paper topic and provide a theoretical framework for ethical communication. Your instructor has provided a course bibliography of many books that either focus on ethics and ethical communication or contain information about communicating ethically in interpersonal, organizational, public or media settings. You may choose to select up to five books from this course list as sources for your paper; however, you must locate at least five additional resources from scholarly articles, professional publications, credible websites, or newspapers to support your research topic. Wikipedia and personal blogs are not considered credible sources. Please refer to the library tip sheet on how to perform research for your topic. After you have located your ten credible sources, you should write a 50-word summary and evaluation for each, identifying the points you want to include in your final paper as well as stating how the source is relevant to the final assignment. Summarize in your own words, but do not quote directly from the sources unless you are using a definition. This activity aligns with module outcome 3.


Writing Requirements


Select ten credible sources for your paper topic. Up to five books may be selected from the course bibliography, but at least two must be from outside sources.

Write a 50-word summary for each of the ten sources.

Prepare a title page listing your research topic and your name.

Organize your bibliography in alphabetical order according to the title of the primary author’s last name. If the author is not identified, then alphabetize the source according to the title of the article or website.

Below each source in your bibliography, insert your 50 word summary and evaluation for that source.

Only definitions may be quoted. All other information must be in your own words.

The completed bibliography should be a minimum total of 500 words.

Content Requirements

The bibliography should include sources that provide information about an ethical theory or theories that will support your paper topic.

The bibliography should include sources that support a focused topic in ethical communication rather than a general discussion of ethics.

At least 2 sources discussed in the paper must be outside sources rather that those already identified within the course materials provided.


Ethical arguments FOR using human embryos in medical research

Consult the textbook, Chapter 6. Explain three of the following  ethical arguments FOR using human embryos in medical research:

  • Reductio ad absurdum
  • My Tissue
  • No interests involved
  • Potential value is not value
  • Embryos are not special
  • Embryos can be studied and simultaneously respected

Do these arguments succeed? Explain your answer.

Are the arguments you discussed the good ones? Explain your answer.

To receive credit for an essay assignment a student must respond to a specific prompt and the response must:

(a) be written in clear, cohesive and grammatical English

(b) address, in a straightforward way, the issue raised by the prompt.

(c) contain a bare minimum of quoted material (* AT MOST 10% * of the total number of words of the assignment can be quotation)

(d) be original work (not plagiarized). Please, remember that all papers are run through Turnitin software that checks for originality.

(e) contain a bare minimum of 1000 words.

Health Promotion Concepts

Submit 1-2 formal paragraphs with at least five sentences in response to the topics below. Provide at least one academic or credible source for an in-text citation and reference. Use APA 6th edition for both in-text citations and references.


1. Identify and briefly explain one behavior change theory used in health education and promotion. Why is it important to use theory in the practice of health education/promotion? Ex) Health Belief Model, Theory of Planned Behavior, Transtheoretical Model, etc. Please refer to chapter 4 of the course textbook.

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse


  1. Please respond to one (1) of the following discussion prompts below:
    1. Select a research nursing article that addresses the effects of substance abuse on the individual, the family, or the community. Post a brief summary of the article.
    2. Choose one commonly abused substance and present a summary of the prevalence of the problem and the local resources for individuals, families or the community
  2. Your response should be 200 – 250 words. APA Format, at least 1 reference

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse


  1. Please respond to one (1) of the following discussion prompts below:
    1. Select a research nursing article that addresses the effects of substance abuse on the individual, the family, or the community. Post a brief summary of the article.
    2. Choose one commonly abused substance and present a summary of the prevalence of the problem and the local resources for individuals, families or the community
  2. Your response should be 200 – 250 words. APA Format, at least 1 reference. (Community is Miami, FL)