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Developing Literacy

Developing Literacy


Section 1: (1000 words)
Using the text and comprehension texts provided for Riley and Mia, you’re required to:

identify an area of need for each child’s reading development
select a teaching strategy that has been covered in the unit learning material and explain how that specific teaching strategy will support and extend each child’s area of need in reading development
propose an example of a specific lesson aligned to the teaching strategy that will support and extend the child’s reading development. This should include:
a description of the teaching methods required for the lesson
an explanation for how it will support the development of reading skills
an evaluation of how ICT can be incorporated into the lesson to enhance literacy teaching.
This section of the folio should be approximately 1000 words, evenly split between each child. Make sure your responses for both children are presented clearly.

Section 2: (500 words)
In this section, you’re required to:

compare the teaching strategies that you’ve used in the previous section
discuss any benefits and limitations you may have noticed about the two teaching strategies.
This section of the folio should be approximately 500 words.

Please note, for both sections you must justify your responses to the scenarios by making links to published academic sources, appropriately cited in APA style.

Mia and Riley’s is attached with assignment task df file that i have uploaded.