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Lit -6


we will discuss accents and dialects in literature. The following are a list of potential authors and works you can use for this assignment. I tried to choose works that you might easily find excerpts online. You are not required to use someone from this list, but this is a good range of different types of accents and dialects. 

Authors Who Use Accents and Dialects

 Mark Twain: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

 Toni Morrison: The Bluest Eye

 Trainspotting: Irvine Welsh

 Wuthering Heights: Emily Bronte

 Tess of the dUrbervilles: Thomas Hardy

  Anything by Shakespeare

Initial Response

Choose an author and find a brief excerpt online of one of their works. Choose a paragraph or two from their work and paste it into the discussion. Don’t forget to cite it. Then, answer the following questions about the excerpt you chose. 

  • What accent or dialect did this author use?
  • What does the accent or dialect convey about the character(s) in this excerpt?
  • Do you think the author uses the accent or dialect effectively? Why or why not?

Software -5


Software systems are not isolated systems but are essential components of broader systems that have a human, social or organizational purpose.

Read Chapter 10  and review Lecture slides (posted under week 5), and reputable articles/journals and List and discuss The Sociotechnical Systems Stack.

Information System Management

  Suppose you are the IT manager for an IT company. You receive a report that contains a list of computer equipment stored in the company warehouse. You notice that the list also includes items that you know are not stored in the warehouse. Would you consider this list as good information? Why, or why not? Give some examples of at least three items on this list that you consider to be good information and at least three items on this list that would not be good information. Explain your reasoning and include a discussion about why good information is important in MIS.  

WEEK 2 Term paper


Week 2 Term Paper Submission

Submit a list of five to eight current references, in APA format, that will ultimately be incorporated into your Final Term Paper. Briefly describe the content of each reference and how it relates to your selected research topic. Submit your Week 2 list of references no later than midnight Saturday at the end of Week 2.


References are very important. At least five to eight references are required for the Term Paper. Anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable. At least three of these sources used should be from academic journals or professional publications. All sources should be current within the past 18 to 24 months from the Keller library. All references should be cited within the body of your work and will also be listed on the last page of your Term Paper in a section titled References.



In Module two, you were asked to describe an issue ADVOCACY FOR NURSING SHORTAGE and you hoped to improve and you created a presentation about the plan. This week, you will present on the progress and results you have made during the past 5 weeks. 

Your policy change proposal could have been with state Board of nursing, local boards, state representatives, or members of Congress/Senate. Based on the issues you selected in Module two, that you were passionate about, researched in depth, and contacted the appropriate policy maker (preferably in person, but at least by emails or letters) – detail your position and the evidence that supports it, and explain your results, determination and outcomes for the contact with policy makers in a 20 slide PowerPoint presentation with audio and speaker notes on all content slides. Make certain to include your sources and a reference slide.

FIN 3400 Chapter 8 Discussion Question

Please find the common stock and the preferred stock of a publicly-traded company and tell me which of the two securities using the dividend discount model is a better investment.

You can use  to find preferred stocks

For example, Bank of America (Symbol of common stock is BAC) has both common and preferred stock.



Conduct an assessment on the following body system: 

  • Skin

You may conduct the assessment on a fellow student, friend, or family member. Remember to secure their permission.

Collect both subjective and objective data using the process described in the textbook.

Write a summary of the assessment and the skills utilized. Answer the following 3 questions in the summary. Do not disclose any patient identifiers. 

  1. What skills (assessment techniques) were utilized during the assessment?
  2. What subjective data did you collect? (list your findings)
  3. What objective data did you collect? (list your findings

Debate This: Security Interests – Law firm 1

Paul Barton owned a small property-management company, doing business as Brighton Homes. In October, Barton went on a spending spree. First, he bought a Bose surround-sound system for his home from KDM Electronics. The next day, he purchased a Wilderness Systems kayak from Outdoor Outfitters, and the day after that he bought a new Toyota 4-Runner financed through Bridgeport Auto. Two weeks later, Barton purchased six new iMac computers for his office, also from KDM Electronics. Barton bought all of these items under installment sales contracts. Six months later, Bartons property-management business was failing. He could not make the payments due on any of these purchases and thus defaulted on the loans. Using the information presented in the chapter

 See Chapter 25, Page 602 from the pdf attached to correctly answer the questions.

Answer the following questions. (See 

  1. For which of Bartons purchases (the surround-sound system, the kayak, the 4-Runner, and the six iMacs) would the creditor need to file a financing statement to perfect its security interest?
  2. Suppose that Bartons contract for the office computers mentioned only the name, Brighton Homes. What would be the consequences if KDM Electronics filed a financing statement that listed only Brighton Homes as the debtors name?
  3. Which of these purchases would qualify as a PMSI in consumer goods?
  4. Suppose that after KDM Electronics repossesses the surround-sound system, it decides to keep the system rather than sell it. Can KDM do this under Article 9? Why or why not?

Resource Sharing Presentation

This assignment will require you to research a single resource available to people living in LA County. Students are required to create a presentation that will be shared with peers via Canvas. Students can use any medium they prefer including, but not limited to video, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. Students will upload the presentation or provide a link that is accessible to the instructor and class peers.

The resource identified can be offered for any kind of need such as food, homeless shelter, sobering center, mental health support, substance use program, financial support, crisis service, transportation assistance, syringe exchange, healthcare or insurance, legal support, disability related, veteran specific, etc. Once you locate a service/resource available you should gather as much information as you can. This can be done by reviewing the agency’s website, calling the agency to get more detailed information, and even walking into the agency if it’s open to get more information in person and get a sense of the location and vibe. Visiting or vetting an agency thoroughly BEFORE sharing it with a client is crucial. Sometimes a client may have anxiety or fear and sending them somewhere alone with no information to prepare will likely mean that there will not be a successful connection to the resource for the client.

Here are some of the search engines that you can use to start your search:

Please make sure to include the following information in your presentation:

Discuss your process, how the call went and how your interaction was with the worker (i.e. pleasant, rushed, etc.).
Describe the resource available. What is the purpose of the resource or what need does it meet?
Where can the client apply for this resource? And/or where can they go to receive this resource?
Does the client need to meet any eligibility criteria?
Is there a waitlist? What is the turnaround time to access services?
Is there an application/paperwork required? If so, include a copy with your presentation.
Is the client required to submit any documents or verification to apply?
Is the resource limited to the client (I.e. once per lifetime, monthly, unlimited access)?
Is it easy to get access to someone at the agency to get information about the resource? Is the agency responsive?
What might be some challenges to clients accessing this resource?
Please include any other pertinent information that might be applicable.

Discussion Thread: Building Blocks for Teaching Children to Read

After reviewing the Read: Put Reading First item in Module 1:Week 1,  create a thread that includes the following items:

-A brief summary of the 5 building blocks for teaching children to read 

-Comparison/contrast with the content of chapter 1 of the Tompkins text

-Comparison/contrast with your own experiences related to reading instruction


(Literacy for The 21st Century,8e Gail E. Tompkins)