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critical evaluation of a real-life case study that is related to either change management or risk management

Aims and Relevance

The aim is to enable you to understand and critically assess what information systems are, what key characteristics they have and what they can (and cannot) do for an organisation.


Syllabus Content

IT project management

 IT/IS-enabled change and strategies for change management

 IT and Total Quality Management

 IT governance

IS/IT investment and evaluation

Risk management

 Ethics and digital technology  

Core learning outcomes 

Critically evaluate and synthesise theories and models in order to manage digital technology appropriately as well as make strategic decisions to foster its positive impact on businesses.

Threshold standards 

Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate challenges related to systems design and analysis or IT project management and how these challenges may be overcome from a managerial perspective.



CASE STUDY in report form

Individual report consisting of a critical evaluation of a real-life case study that is related to either change management or risk management.



You will be critically evaluating and extending theory through application to contemporary cases and drawing reasoned conclusions to enhance the impact of digital technology on organisational performance. You will be expected to extend your learning through accessing and evaluating supplementary materials (e.g. books, journals, online journals) as appropriate. 

Contextual understanding

You will engage in facilitated group discussions relating to contemporary issues and organisations in a multicultural context to enhance your personal and professional development in digital technology management. You will critically evaluate the challenges of managing digital technology in a variety of contexts.


Interactive learning sessions are designed to facilitate transfer of learning to the context of the workplace and continuous reflection on learning based on progressive personal and professional development through experiential learning activities. 


You will be required to critically reflect and make recommendations for an increasingly appropriate and transforming use of information systems to create a strategic advantage. Established research and theory will be the trigger for establishing innovative recommendations to optimize IT/IS performance and to effectively use them to manage change.  



 Recommended Reading 

Once initial approval of the unit has been given, the Unit Co-ordinator may propose changes to this section to the Academic Liaison Librarian

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