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Philosophical Differences Between Qualitative And Quantitative Paradigms And Approaches

Philosophical Differences Between Qualitative And Quantitative Paradigms And Approaches

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 1 in the Frost e-book, Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology, and the required journal articles for this week. Also review last week’s PSY635 Week Two Discussion Scenario (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. In that scenario, the three instructors realized there are limits to the insights they can gain through anonymous counting of discussion posts. The instructors would like to answer two additional research questions: (a) How do their students actually feel about the intervention? and (b) How do students view the influence of the intervention on their learning inside and outside of the classroom (if applicable)?

In your initial post, compare the characteristics of appropriate research designs and recommend a qualitative research design that would facilitate answering the instructors’ additional questions. Explain the philosophical paradigm underlying the recommended approach. Evaluate the required articles for this week and describe the  assumptions the instructors might have to set aside as they enter into a qualitative research study. Be sure to identify any ethical issues that may apply to the research. Review the characteristics of the quantitative approach you described in the Week Two discussion. Explain the ways in which the quantitative approach and paradigm differs from the qualitative approach and paradigm you have recommended here

Discussion Board

Discussion Board

 Buddhism is often described as a non-theistic religion. How can we reconcile the terms “non-theistic” and “religion” in the case of Buddhism? What can it mean to describe a religion as non theistic?

Policy And Client Impact Development Essay

Policy And Client Impact Development Essay

Compose a 3 page essay with a few in text references.

Subject- Drug addicts OR alcoholics in drug treatment centers (your choice).


Essay Content:


Identify State and federal policies and discuss their impact on the clients identified (Pick state of your choice).

Provide suggestions for the drug treatment center.

Discuss possibilities to advocate for the clients.

Language Acquisition

Language Acquisition

Prior to beginning this discussion, please read the following required articles:

  • “Language Acquisition Socialization: Sociocognitive and Complexity Theory Perspectives”
  • “The Learning Brain: Lessons for Education: A Précis”
  • “The Cultural-Historical Foundations of the Zone of Proximal Development”
  • “Self-Determination, Self-Regulation, and the Brain: Autonomy Improves Performance by Enhancing Neuroaffective Responsiveness to Self-Regulation Failure”
  • “Acquisition, Learning, or Development of Language? Skinner’s ‘Verbal Behavior’ Revisited”
  • “Linguistic variation and micro-cues in first language acquisition.”

Based on your resources this week, choose three areas of language acquisition that you found most interesting and that were unknown to you prior to this week.

In your initial post,

  • Explain the theoretical perspectives of each of these chosen areas.
  • Apply skeptical inquiry to a brief discussion about why language acquisition is an important area for scholars and educators to understand when developing learning opportunities.
  • Apply the concept of language acquisition to your own academic success. Has your own language development affected your success as a student? As an employee? How? Based on the resources and your current knowledge, do you believe you could develop areas of language acquisition, personally, that would be beneficial to you, your loved ones, or your friends?


Government and EMRs” Please respond to the following:

• Describe the role government should play in the creation of EMR standards. State three (3) reasons why you believe government should or should not be involved with EMR standards. Justify your response

Virology Discussion

Virology Discussion

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Viruses are not life-forms themselves, because they can’t survive on their own. They must take over about the biology of viruses. Viruses are very small particles that act as cellular parasites. It’s cellular machinery in order to survive.

This chapter initially talked about factors common to all viruses, and then turned to those aspects that are particular to HIV. HIV is a member of a class of virus know as retroviruses. While most viruses use DNA as their genetic material, retroviruses use RNA Reverse transcriptase is a protein in retroviruses that copies RNA into DNA, and then helps the viral DNA integrate into the cellular chromosomes, where it will remain for the life of that infected cell.

For this discussion, choose one example of the viral biology to focus on. Choose one aspect that was unusual interesting to you. Do some research to find out a little more about it. Here is a list of examples, but you can think of other Ones as well:

a. the retrovirus life cycle

b. anti-HIV therapies

c. the ELISA “HIV test”

d. the fate of HIV infected cells

e. HIV latency

f. direct cell to cell spread of the HIV

g. how HIV kills T-cells that aren’t infected with HIV

h. If viruses aren’t alive, what motivates them to keep going on?

Each student should write up one primary post of about 150-200 words.

Biopsychology Journal Article

Biopsychology Journal Article

The questions you need to answer can be in bullet form 

What is the main focus of the article?

Who is the intended audience?

Why is this article important to biopsychology?

What is your general first impression?

What would you suggest as further research questions?

Where have you noticed the problems addressed in the article in your own life or society? Or How do you think the information in the journal article is a reflection of our society?



Identify the technology used in businesses and describe the types of technology used to support general business functions. Discuss challenges presented to management due to managing existing technology. How does technology impact the sales, marketing, finance, and production, human resource, and other functions within the business?

Assignment 3: How is Technology Changing the Face of Business Today?

Assignment 3: How is Technology Changing the Face of Business Today?

The traditional retail model has focused on finding high-margin, high-volume products or services because limited space means reduced space inventory. For example, organizations such as Walmart select the biggest hits from the broadest genres, called the “short head.” The short head means Walmart will only carry a select mix of country, pop, and rock that is calculated to provide the greatest cost/benefit. The business model of Amazon is different. Amazon provides the short head but also provides the “long tail” of more than 100,000 different audio selections. The competition for customers between the Walmart and Amazon marketplace is profoundly changing the face of retail business today.

Using the assigned reading and the Argosy University online library resources, find at least three scholarly articles that address similar current trends related to e-business and how e-business is changing the face of businesses today.

Using your company or a real-world example from your research, respond to the following:

  • Describe how technology is changing the face of businesses today.
  • Describe the most critical business processes that utilize information systems in your selected company.
  • Explain how IT makes the company’s business processes faster, cheaper, more accurate, and customer-savvy than that of competitors.
  • Cite at least three sources found in your online library research.

Give reasons and examples from your research to support your responses.

“The Case Of The Missing Chairs” (Box 2.1)

“The Case Of The Missing Chairs” (Box 2.1)

Read the case study, “The Case of the Missing Chairs” (Box 2.1), in the Stake text. Write a few paragraphs (no citations or scholarly references needed) about any possible bias that the researcher may have expressed in this case. Below is a link to case.