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Gender and Sexual Identity Issues

Gender and Sexual Identity Issues

This paper needs to be at least 8 written pages in length (not including bibliography) APA style, New Times Roman font, double spaced, Running head, page numbers upper right hand corner. The subject of the paper is Gender and Sexual Identity issues. You need to discuss the relevance of this topic to multicultural counseling, from a Christian view point. The paper needs to have at least 10 peer viewed resources. See uploaded document for further instructions. I already have the abstract so don't worry about that. Please write this using the correct English/American type wording and phrasing. Thanks!

Sterling, Inc. is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art computers

Sterling, Inc. is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art computers. For the past ten years, Sterling has acquired all of its microchips from NoBugs Corporation, the only producer of chips meeting Sterling's high specifications. The relationship has been mutually profitable. Sterling could not have built its reputation as an industry leader without NoBugs's reliable and consistently high-quality products; Sterling's business has enabled NoBugs to grow rapidly while providing its investors with an attractive rate of return.

Some months ago, several of Sterling's computers exploded shortly after installation. Upon investigation, Sterling discovered that tiny imperfections in NoBugs's microchips had aggravated a dormant design defect in the computers, causing the explosions. Analysis of the chips indicated that they were indeed below specifications and that the imperfections were caused by a slight miscalibration of NoBugs's encoding equipment. NoBugs recalibrated the equipment and promptly resumed production of perfect chips.

Sterling's losses from the explosions – lost profits, out-of-pocket costs associated with compensating customers for the explosions, and injury to business reputation – are estimated to exceed $20 million. Sterling and NoBugs disagree on the amount of the loss for which NoBugs should be responsible. Sterling has a strong legal case for breach of contract against NoBugs. Sterling's CEO is considering a lawsuit. She asks you to prepare a report discussing litigation strategy and the advantages and disadvantages of litigation; and discussing pretrial planning should the company opt for litigation.

Forced Vibrations of a Damped System

 Forced Vibrations of a Damped System

 1. RESULTS SECTION, 2. DISCUSSION SECTION, 3. CONCLUSIONS. they should all fit on 3 pages more or less.

Reflective reaction paper

Reaction statements should be at least 1000 words in length (single spaced, 10-12 pt. Times New Roman font) and should be in response to the assigned readings and video (I have attached the Assigned reading “Sensoy & DiAngelo Ch.10” in the additional material) Here is the link to the assigned video:

 The video name is: What Poor Child is this? Poverty and America's Children that includes at least two critical questions for discussion. When creating your Reaction statement, approximately 500+ words should be a summary of the 2 assigned resources and the other 500+ words should be your thoughtful, scholarly reaction to the readings/content. Your reaction may include but is not limited to areas of agreement/disagreement, affirmation (or you can offer a counter argument with outside academic resource support), or other influences/connections. Your reaction statements should represent critical reflective thought.

500 words summary of “Sensoy &
DiAngelo Ch.10” and the video “What Poor Child is this? Poverty and
America’s Children”


Your Reaction statements should look like this;

500 words of your thoughtful, scholarly reaction to “Sensoy
& DiAngelo Ch.10 “and the video “What Poor Child is this? Poverty and
America’s Children”

At the end of the page add at least two critical questions you
had from the readings

You may want to consider one or two of the following guiding questions when preparing your reaction statement:

  • What biases does the author have? Are these biases stated or implied?
  • From what theoretical perspective does the author work?
  • What biases did you bring to the reading?
  • How was your learning enhanced or hindered when you read from your own perspective formed by your collective life experiences and theoretical understandings?
  • How did this reading and analysis challenge, extend, and/or align with your notions of how the world works?
  • Are there silent/missing ideas, concepts, or themes in this reading? How do you account for these gaps?
  • What new questions have you raised as a result of your reading and analysis? 

Please make sure the language usage is scholarly and thoughtful.

The third assignment covers the last three functions of the P-O-L-C, Organizing, Leading and Controlling

The third assignment covers the last three functions of the P-O-L-C, Organizing, Leading and Controlling

The third assignment covers the last three functions of the P-O-L-C, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.  Students will look at the production floor through the lens of the organizing, leading and control functions.

Outcome Met by Completing This Assignment

·         Integrate management theories and principles into management practices

·         Organize human, physical, and financial resources for the effective and efficient attainment of organization goals

·         Demonstrate leadership skills by communicating a shared vision, motivating and empowering others, and creating a culture of ethical decision-making and innovation

·         Develop measures and assess outcomes against plans and standards to improve organizational effectiveness

·         Identify the essential characteristics of decision making and indicate the range and types of decisions a manager makes


Step 1:  Company Profile

Use the Biotech Company Profile in completing this assignment.


Step 2:  Write the Introduction

Create the Introductory Paragraph 

The introductory paragraph is the first paragraph of the paper but is typically written after writing the body of the paper (Questions students responded to above).  View this website to learn how to write an introductory paragraph:


Step 3:  Organizing

Read critically and analyze the following scenario:

The Boomer Bangs projects presented to the Strategic Planning Committee were accepted for production and roll out by the company is scheduled for January of 2019.  The first product scheduled for production is a pill that helps reduce blood sugar levels. Market studies predict that this pill likely will be the most successful of the three products, which is why it is the first product to roll out.

Upper management decided that Luis Montego of the Los Lunas, New Mexico Branch Production Team will take the lead for this project.  The plan is for Luis to serve as a model for organizing that will be copied by the rest of the branches so that roll out can be concurrent.  Luis knows that his production floor is set up exactly like the rest of the plants. Luis has put some thought into the fact that the new pill production will require additional production lines requiring changes to the existing set up.  Luis believes space could be a problem.  Luis estimates he will need 200 sq. ft. for the additional line set up. He will also need two conveyor belts as well.  Luis knows that some relocation of machinery or line set up will have to be done because pills have to be produced away from direct sunlight and stored at low temperatures.

Luis has also come to the conclusion that he will need additional personnel – one pharmaceutically trained pill machine operator for the day shift and two operators for the night shift.  Trained line workers cost $3 more per hour than untrained line workers.  Luis also knows that these new workers will need supervising.  He may have to restructure the floor staff.

Primary pill ingredients bitt goud, spreading hogweed, Chinaberry (mostly found in India) and burra gokhru will be shipped from Madras, India.  However, sourcing of the Chinaberry has been a little difficult for Luis and he suspects the cost of production will have to increase the estimated R&D cost by $0.075 per pill.  Additional labor costs and costs of the rare Indian ingredients places the overall production cost of one bottle of 60- pills at $5.75, which includes packaging. 


Step 4:  Assume the Role of Luis Montego

Task 1:  Identify and discuss six major areas of the organizing process that Luis Montego must address in organizing the production floor for both existing production and the new project.  

Task 2:  What specific area needs immediate attention?  Why?


Step 5:  Leading

Read critically and analyze the following scenario:

Biotech has always told workers that they want to keep people in the Biotech family.  The company encourages employees to get additional training and will pay for college tuition for those who want to advance their career opportunities within the company.

During the course of production older line staffers became aware that the pharmaceutically trained line workers made $3.00 more per hour than they did.  The workers were unhappy.  They felt that it was unfair that Biotech hired from outside rather than provide training to existing workers who would want to take over the jobs and earn the extra salary.  An obvious concern began to surface among the workers.  Several of the workers questioned whether Biotech is being truthful with them and wonder whether they will really help the workers advance in the company.   Morale of plant workers began to suffer.  One floor supervisor told Luis that one of his workers refused to help develop a new process that would increase the speed of moving the pallets on the new floor scheme.  He said, “Why should I help Biotech make more money if I don’t get any of the money?”  Luis knows that this concern must be addressed and morale needs to be improved.  Luis also knows that only HR in headquarters can make decisions regarding benefits so he cannot offer pay raises.  Luis wonders what he can do to motivate workers and build trust in the production department.

Task 1:  Identify and discuss the reasons for the morale problem;

Task 2:  Discuss specific ways Luis can motivate his existing employees that will build morale while ensuring production levels stay on track for the current contracts and the new project;

Task 3:  What critical factor could interfere with Luis’ attempt to build morale?  


Step 6:  Controlling

Read critically and analyze the following scenario: 

The following chart displays the results of the first year’s production of the new pill, Boomer 1.  The table was created from data supplied by the production department managers of the Biotech branches making the pill.  The data was collected for the purpose of controlling production output.   The data will be used by the Vice President (VP) of Production, Arthur Miller to identify areas of improvement, change, or to provide kudos for the success of the processes used by the Production Department in the production of Boomer 1. 

The chart describes the standard goal (identified as standard) set by the department and the results of each branch.  A comparison of the standard to the results allows the reader to form conclusions about the success or failure of the Production Department to meet the goals envisioned by the company.  It also allows the reader to recognize patterns from the data so conclusions can be drawn as to the relationship between elements (e.g. cost expended vs time expended; those who spent more time had a higher cost).






Los Lunas

Sao Paulo


Cost per 60 pill bottle














Quality Control Problem Ratio (per 500 bottles)







Shipping Problems/Damage (per 10,000 bottles)







Total Number of bottles Produced per year








Step 7:  Standard Specifications/Results

Compare the standard specifications data set with the results from each of the results for the five branches. 

Task 1:  Interpret the results for the new product production chart above;

Task 2:  Discuss the problematic areas;

Task 3:  Discuss the areas that showed positive results.


Step 8:  Corrective Action

Task:  Do you suggest Arthur Miller take corrective action?  If yes, why and what action should be taken?  If not why not?


Step 9:  Morale

Read critically and analyze the following scenario: 

The next meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee for Biotech is scheduled for next week.  All of the VP’s will be there and a report must be given by all as to the viability of the Boomer 1 roll out and the success or failure of the long-term goals and objectives.

Miller reviewed his meeting notes with his branch managers when the production results came out.  The most important conclusions mentioned below are presented to the team:

·         Most all the managers seem to feel that the project was well worth the effort. 

·         The most significant problem was the lack of space on the production floor.  

·         Los Lunas and Sao Paulo managers indicated that they had floor space issues and quality control was the most significant issue because of the level of heat in the plant.

·         The standard had been met by everyone.

·         Three of the plants reported morale problems with older workers wanting to be trained for the higher paying line jobs.

Step 10:  Potential Concerns

Prepare a report for Keith to present to the planning team:

Use the conclusions drawn by Miller from the Manager’s Meeting (noted above).

Task 1:  Identify at least three conclusions that have potential concern for the long-term future of the project and or company.  Explain why and how each of the factors identified would affect the future long-term strategic planning;

Task 2:  Explain the relationship between the control process and long-term planning;

Task 3:  Provide at least two recommendations for solutions to address the implications of the factors chosen.  Explain why these recommendations are viable and would be an effective solution.

Step 11:  Review the Paper 

Read the paper to ensure all required elements are present.  Use the grading rubric to ensure that you gain the most points possible for this assignment. 

Proofread the paper for spelling and grammatical issues, and third person writing. 

·         Read the paper aloud as a first measure;

·         Use the spell and grammar check in Word as a second measure;

·         Have someone who has excellent English skills to proofread the paper;

·         Consider submitting the paper to the Effective Writing Center (EWC).  The EWC will provide 4-6 areas that may need improvement.

Essay Assignment: Examine employment law and its impact on managing talent

Essay Assignment: Examine employment law and its impact on managing talent

Objective: Explain how employment law provides rights to employees and employers, and the steps employers must take to comply with employment law.


This essay will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of various areas of employment law. You will describe “at-will” employment, explain limitations on employers under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and describe the limitations and delimitations of the use of drug testing by employers. By being able to explain these areas of employment law, you will internalize your knowledge and be a more effective manager. 


The essay for this lesson is required to be a minimum of 750 words that clearly demonstrates your understanding of the activity. Essays should have a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format ( A minimum of three sources must be cited in-text and in the Reference list.

Activity Details

Step 1: Read the following questions, and use what you have learned about this lesson’s objective to summarize your responses. It is highly recommended that you use these questions/prompts as level 1 subheadings in your essay.

  • What is employment “at will” and under what circumstances is an employer restricted from terminating an at-will employee without cause? 
  • What disability-related information does the law prohibit an employer from asking an applicant for employment, and what actions must an employer take when hiring an employee with disabilities? Are there limits to what an employer must provide?
  • Describe the process by which an employer may drug test employees without violating employees’ privacy rights.


Project : Children’s Science Interview

Project : Children's Science Interview 

For this project, you will interview a child in elementary school to assess their understanding of a science concept. Follow this procedure:
a) Design an interview protocol to assess a child's understanding of a concept.
b) Construct a rubric to evaluate the child's level of understanding.
c) Conduct the interview.
d) Provide a transcript of the interview questions and responses.
e) Summarize the child's understanding of the concept in narrative form.
f) Evaluate the child's level of scientific understanding using your rubric.
g) Describe in narrative form the basis for categorizing the child's scientific understanding at each level in the rubric.




You have just been appointed the Facilities Manager of a business HQ by a company that has not recognised FM as a separate function before. Your new team are people who will continue in the same roles that they had before, but now under your leadership.

As a new function, FM has not had its own budgets before and one of your first tasks is to establish what the budgets should be.

Alternatively you may base your answer using your own organisation as the example, clearly stating any assumptions.

Task 1

You should produce a Financial Management Policy document to help you and your team to start and maintain the financial management process.

The document should cover the following topics:

1 Describe management accounting techniques which support the facilities management process and the financial systems and processes used for the effective management of facilities management budget within your company. (AC 1.1, 1.2)

2 Explain the principles of financial auditing and describe how these principles are deployed within your own area of responsibility. (AC 2.1, 2.2)

3 Review the financial implications of using codes of ethics within in the context of corporate responsibility and explain how you would make suitable adjustments to improve good practice and transparency. (AC 2.3, 2.4)

4 Explain ways in which a true and fair view of assets, liabilities, profits and costs can be presented. (AC2.5)

5 Explain how you would prepare, review and manage revenue budgets. (AC 3.1, 3.2)

6 Set out how to apply the techniques used by facilities managers to set, acquire, review and manage capital budgets. (AC 3.3, 3.4, 3.5)

7 Explain the tools of financial appraisal and how these are used to inform financial management and budgetary decisions. (AC 3.6)

8 Apply the principles, techniques and processes of cash-flow projections to manage the flow of cash within the facilities management business cycle, including how this impacts on contracts and projects. (AC 4.1, 4.2)

Task 2

9 Identify and apply the principles and techniques to prepare financial cases and prepare a financial case to secure the required approval. (AC 5.1, 5.2)


1. Remember to always title your assessment e.g.

“ FM5.01 Facilities management development and trends”

3. It is recommended that you annotate your work with the assessment criteria number for ease of marking.

4. Any text which has been copied MUST be accurately referenced to the original source (e.g. Harvard Referencing). Any text which is copied and not referenced is deemed as plagiarism which may result in your work being voided (please refer to the BIFM Malpractice Policy & Procedure). You will be asked to sign a statement to the effect that your assessment is your own work before submission to BIFM for marking.

5. When presenting your assessment please use font size 12.

6. Please ensure every page is correctly numbered.

7. Maximum word count 6,000 words


Industrial relations assignment

Industrial relations assignment

Research Study

 The topic for the research study is outlined in some detail below. The Research Study structure must contain an Introduction Section, a Discussion Section and a Conclusion Section (use of these subheadings). The Introduction Section should situate the reader in the study and make it clear what the position is that is being argued in relation to the topic. A good Introduction Section will also define key terms or concepts used and tell the reader about the sources used and the structure of the study. The Discussion Section needs to address the five questions presented below as well as presents a coherent narrative about how employee voice is or should be part of employment relations best practice in Australian workplaces. The Conclusion Section should synthesise the research literature cited in the Discussion Section into a persuasive summary of the position being argued in the research study that was discussed in brief in the Introduction Section. Students who simply answer the research study topic questions in the Discussion Section will not do as well as those who attempt to develop a coherent narrative throughout their research study.



Research Study topic

 Topic: Direct employee participation and employee voice have re-emerged as key features of how organizations are managing their relationship with their employees, particularly in knowledge-based industries. There is a growing interest in understanding how employee voice mechanisms compliment and/or replace more traditional forms of indirect representation involving unions. This research topic allows students to explore in some detail the research around employee voice and its application to different occupations and industry sectors in Australia. In the Discussion Section students are required to address the following questions:


1. Provide two different definitions of employee voice drawing upon the research

literature and compare these two definitions.

2. Explain how the mechanisms of employee voice differs from employee representation

by unions and what the trend is in Australia towards employee voice complimenting

or substituting for direct representation involving unions?

3. Describe and explain what the research literature suggests is the perceived

relationship between employee voice, employee attitudes at work and employee and

organizational performance?

4. Explain what the research literature suggests is the best form of employee

representation, direct, indirect or a mix of the two and why? Describe a type of

organization or industry sector where a mix or hybrid approach to employee

representation makes sense from an employer and from an employee perspective.

5. The Fair Work Act 2009 mandates the role of unions in indirect representation but is

silent on direct representation mechanisms. Why might it be argued that formal

voice mechanisms not involving unions should also be mandated in law to ensure all

employees have a say in decision-making at work?



In this literature essay I need at least 8 references.5 peer reviewed journal articles and 3 scholarly texts


LTE & Advanced Communications

LTE & Advanced Communications

With the help of diagrams where appropriate, illustrate and evaluate the basic LTE/SAE network infrastructure. Access, core, databases, mobility, interworking and support for service delivery functions should be considered. Highlight the key differences to the protocols and structure used in 2nd and 3rd generation networks. What do you think are the main drivers behind the changes?