Week Eight Leadership and Management of Change Discussion

Week Eight Leadership and Management of Change Discussion

Ch. 16 Leadership

Ch. 18 Managing Change and Stress

Kreitner, R. & A. Angelo, ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, 6th ED. (2013) McGraw-Hill, Boston

The team has counseled the management of a very dysfunctional organization with the goal of providing the means to be very functional and smooth running but before they are on their own two more essential topics need to be discussed, and they are leadership and the management of which go hand in hand. 

Before the team moves into various styles leadership the managers need to be familiar with the essences of the Ohio State Studies and the University of Michigan Studies (Kreitner , 470-71), The team needs to discuss these studies with the management as they will give them an underpinning to understand the various theories of leadership.  At the fore front of leadership theories is the "Path Goal Theory" (474) and this theory should be explained to the management and what sort of leader behavior is does it advocate.  The team should include examples in its explanations. 

The team should discuss with the managers, "Laissez-Faire and Transformational Leadership but suggest which style would be the best fit for this organization that is just becoming functional. 

An organization is organic, a living thing that must constantly adjust its changing internal and external environment and change can be very stressful for those employees who are affected by it.    Discuss with management the external forces that are forcing change on any organizations, it is change or die. 

The internal forces for change are primarily related to personal adjustments, the creation of stress and why employees resist change should be discussed, why are they threatened?   The team should give management some strategies to implement the change process. 

The managers should be familiar with organizational development  (OD) and have a strategy to implement it.

The team is ready to turn management lose to create a functional and dynamic organization now it is up to them.  Please be creative and discuss all aspect of this forum. 

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