DEFINITION: A critique is a critical evaluation of a source. In this case, it is a critique of a film.

TOPIC: see list

SOURCES: Film & *Internet Film Review

*Students must research and find one quality internet film review (for example from Roger Ebert). This internet film review must be used in the student's film critique for support. The student must submit the internet film review of the article to the instructor to be evaluated before it is used in the paper. Failure to do so will result in a 50 for the assignment.

LENGTH: 250-350 words (1-2 typewritten pages)

FORM: See "Hughes Manuscript Form" (Handout)

QUOTE: Students must use at least one brief quote

DOCUMENTATION: MLA (See LBH and sample Film Critique)


NOTE 1: Failure to include correct in-text citations of the film and/or the critical film review as needed and/or a correct Works Cited will result in a 50.

NOTE 2: Film titles are underlined. Be certain to cite your film as needed in essay and be certain to underline the title each time used.

NOTE 3: Cite film (by name of film) and internet film review (by author's last name) as needed.

Be certain that the Film Review website is correctly listed in your Works Cited.


Steps of Film Critique Process:

1.       Choose one of the assigned literary films.

2.       Watch the film several times, annotating.

3.       TITLE: Title will be (depending on which film you critique): A Critique of author/title. For example if you critiqued Pride and Prejudice, your title would be A Critique of Pride and Prejudice.

4. Write a one-page (250 words minimum) response to the film. Be certain that throughout the three paragraphs that you cite your source (the film) each time you paraphrase, summarize, or refer to the source:

A. Paragraph 1: Summarize the major points (2-3) of the film. Include in this paragraph your thesis, which must include the title of the film. Remember to cite the film at the end of the summary.

B. Paragraph 2: Discuss the problems (pros and cons) of the film. Focus only upon one or two of the most important pros or cons (historically accurate costuming, set design, etc.). You are focusing on the production (how it is being produced) here. Use the internet film review as a source here and be certain to cite it.

C. Third paragraph: Analyze your impressions of the film. You are focusing on the current film (your overall impression) here. NO use of I, me, or my.

5. Collect ONE secondary source for essay. This source will be from databases and / or college level references . You will be using the ProQuest sources, LexisNexis, ERIC and / or similar college-level sources. I have included a separate page on how to locate these sources and how to quote them).

6. Create a formal final copy.

7. Submit the paper to Safe Assign (instructions provided). Cut and paste the Safe Assign Results Sheet to a Microsoft Document. This is for both online and on-campus students.

8. Submit the following in an attachment (for online students, you will submit the following to Safe Assign and then you are finished. For on-campus students, this is submitted in a packet):

The. Checksheet (online) / Grade Sheet (on-campus)

B. Safe Assignment Results sheet (on-campus only)

w. Final copy of essay

d. Works Cited page

** Papers not submitted to Safe Assignment will not be graded.


How to Find Sources Using the NC Databases


1. Go to NC Library page (on the NC website).

2. Click on resources.

3. Click on databases.

4. Go to General.

5. Click on LexisNexis, ERIC, or ProQuest.

6. You will log in with your password and date of birth.

7. Type in your topic.

8. Look for peer-edited (you can click on a button). You must find in less than four secondary sources using these databases. You will also have one or more primary sources. You must use and quote these sources with in-text citations as well as on the Works Cited (see sample Works Cited).

Quotation, Paraphrase, and Summary: Brown, Ch. 51-56 for how to include these, refer to Ch. 56 for in-text citations.

How to Upload an Essay to Safe Assign

For students


· Step 1: Login to Blackboard.


· Step 2: Click on your English / Composition course.


Step 3: Once you are in your English / Composition course shell, locate and click on the tab on the left hand side of your screen where your instructor informed you to upload your essay. Your instructor will give you the specific name of the tab as he or she has named it.


· Step 4: Locate the name of the essay assignment and click on "View / Complete."


· Step 5: Click on the "Browse" button and upload your essay from your flash drive or desktop. Be sure to upload the correct document. (This step is very much like attaching a document to an e-mail.)


· Step 6: Click "Submit." You may log out of Blackboard at this point.


· Step 7: To view your Safe Assign Report (which sometimes takes several hours to process) to Blackboard and click on your English / Composition course. Once you are in your English / Composition course shell, click on the "My Grades" tab located on the left-hand side of the screen. Locate the name of the assignment and open the report which looks like a green scroll with a check mark. You can also view your Safe Assign Report where you uploaded it.

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