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Prepare an 8-10–page report in Word. This report should include a project history of your recent Trillo Apparel Company District 4 Production Warehouse Move experience over the last five weeks.  Your final report should include the following sections: •Executive Summary  •Project Performance and Status Report  •Organizational Structure  •Project and Administrative Teams  •Project Risk and Change Management  •Project Management Techniques Employed  •Conclusion   Include appropriate reports from your final project plans to corroborate your overall report. You may also use diagrams, charts, and other visual aids to make your report more effective. Assume that the report will be presented to the Board of Directors of Trillo Apparel Company. Your report should be done in the APA style.  In addition to the report, prepare an 7-9–slide presentation in PowerPoint that summarizes key aspects from the report.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria     Maximum Points     An 8-10 page final report is prepared for the Trillo Apparel Company Board of Directors that includes each of the seven sections identified.      100     The report is detailed and provides supporting documentation      40     The report includes a detailed status report      40     Included a 7-9 slide PowerPoint presentation for presentation to Trillo Apparel Company Board or Directors.     60     The presentation is professional in appearance and geared toward the correct audience.     30     Used correct grammar, spelling, and word choice and cited all sources using correct APA style.     30   Total:  300

reading Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart

After reading Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” write an essay in which you use examples and details from the story to explain whether you think what the narrator (storyteller) is telling the reader an accurate account of what is really happening as opposed to what he imagines is  happening.  The issue, then, that you are writing about is whether the narrator is reliable. Underline the thesis (or the major proposition of an argument)

emotional intelligence

you are required to
conduct secondary research on a local (Australian-based) or international firm to
highlight how it embraces emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence 2 pages for emotional intelligence and 2 for culture present issues related to the 2 topics

Analyzing both standards (C3 and PA standard) of geography

Student is expected to write a paper detailing what he/she learned from the process of analyzing both standards (C3 and PA standard) of geography.
An explanation of what she/he found helpful or frustrating during this process, as well as what thoughts come to mind as she/he begins to think about how to implement social studies standards into their own teaching practice. 
The purpose of this paper is to reflect on what you learned from this analyzing process, do not simply list the step by step process.

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What is the relationship between the speaker in “Alzheimer’s” and the man to which she’s referring in the poem?

What is the relationship between the speaker in "Alzheimer's" and the man to which she's referring in the poem? Do these two people have a cordial, loving relationship? If so, how do you know?


Let’s explore the definition of a project

Please answer the following questions



1. Let's explore the definition of a project. Some might consider doing the dishes at home a project, some may not. Explain your view on the matter by giving an example.



2. Some Project Managers consider the method for project selection similar to choosing a vendor. Although the criteria are different the method of using a ranking table is similar. What criteria would you consider when choosing a project and why?



hi ! = this is the link for my topic that CANDIDA , this topic is related to microbiology class and also i'm going the instruction page what i need in my topic so basically u gonna write about risk factors for this disease, etiology and pathology, association with nosocomial (health risk acquired) infections, and reported drug resistance. Make sure write all these headings so in this way i can recognise the things. This link is from If u want u can also find this information from other source like any from other article . Pls down the citiation at the end of the pages.

IT Assessment And IT Audits

1. Summarize the components of IT assessments and audits. When would you perform an IT assessment over an IT audit? Why? 75 words 


2. Describe the relationship between compliance and governance. why should your organization be concerned with compliance and governance? 75 words


Human Resource Management


Essay questions

1. All students bring a unique personal background to the classroom. Give a summary of how your personal characteristics, professional experiences and leadership activities are suitable for the Master of Science in Leadership Degree Program.

2. As a Christian University, Palm Beach Atlantic University believes that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of the world, and we strive to honor Him and live according to His teachings. Consequently, PBA and the Master of Science in Leadership Degree Program are different from most thers, as we desire to not only equip our graduates with an excellent education, but to also give them a Christian experience that will hopefully inspire them to impact their sphere of influence for Christ. Please explain how this mission lines up with your personal faith and life goals


Additional information for the essay

I have a Master of Business Administration. Hence, I have over five years of business and management experience working for Wachovia Bank, TD Bank, Chase Bank and Bank of America.

I started retail as Assistant Manager in which I had the opportunity to coach Tellers and Bankers to uncover financial needs at the same focusing on customer experience. Later, I became a Financial Specials/Small Business specialist, as a result of my accomplishments, for the North Miami and Miami Shores area which helped me understood our business clients better and in turn I was able to deepen their relationship with the bank and grow our book of business by 21% and our balances by 23%


Military Background:

Human Resources Specialist


  • Assist on all human resource support matters
  • Oversight of all strength management and strength distribution actions
  • Responsible for the readiness, health and welfare of all Soldiers. 
  • Postal and personnel accountability support
  • Maintain emergency notification data 

American national security

Complete the research essay on the government and national security. Remember this is being written for the president to read. An important purpose of this assignment is to examine the different branches and layers of government from the address to the policy using the current issue to illustrate it. Here are the aspects and questions to address this essay: 1. Identify the current issue being debated about American national security. 2. Explain two competing solutions to this problem. 3. Evaluate which one is preferable. 4. Address the responsibilities of each level of government, which are federal, state, and local. (Most of the essay will be about the federal government).


5. Address the responsibilities of each of the three branches of the federal government. 6. choose a problem within the topic. What are two competing solutions to this problem? Explain which one is better and why. How will the different levels of government be involved (federal, state and local)? This will require research into recent news articles (published within four weeks of each assignment's due date). For each respective week, include relevant information from the required readings for that week too. REQUIREMENTS: • 500 word minimum and 600 word maximum length, not including references listed at the end or footnotes if used. • Incorporation of concepts and terms from the required readings. • Inclusion of facts from a recent news article about the topic / solution.

500 word minimum and 600 word maximum length, not including references listed at the end or footnotes if used.

Inclusion of facts from a recent news article about the topic/solution.
• Correct spelling, grammar, and formatting, whether it's APA, MLA, or Chicago / Turabian.

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