Corporate Governance and Performance of Saudi Listed Firm

My proposal file is after proofreading

I would like to tell you this last chance for me to succeed.


I also hope you will work and adjust all the supervisor’s notes.


This are my supervisor feedback you must address all of them


Introduction could be (much) more closely geared to explaining the contents of the proposal. It is actually a ‘background to intended field of research.


Aims and Objectives could be more precise.



Theoretical Literature Review would be improved with the inclusion of an introductory sentence to explain what the review covers (and why )

Empirical Literature Review could be more closely related to what has been tested, what the results were and how they relate to your Research Questions and forthcoming Methodology. A summary table of key (relevant) findings would have been useful.


Measurement of Variables Looks like the intended dependent variables will be ROA, Tobin’s Q and ROE and the dependent variables will be Board size, Board independence and Audit Committee size. The explanation could be clearer, though.


Control Variables Firm size and leverage are explained adequately but ‘industry’ is not.


Hypotheses are not stated in the traditional manner (Ho and Ha).


Methodology Any reason for choosing 2012 to 2016 for data? Again, the ‘industry’ variable could be explained more clearly.


Population and data . Any reason for selecting 65 companies?


Research Ethics ‘Human respondents

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